why semele?

we are the test data experts

Solving test data challenges is not just what we do—it’s all we do. We are constantly innovating and seeking to do it better. That’s why some of the largest healthcare and financial services companies in the country rely on us to improve their testing efficiency and protect their sensitive data.


Safe Solutions for Complex Testing

Improve testing efficiency and lower costs

Semele’s propriety test data subsetting solution reduces test data sizes, facilitating smaller, more efficient test environments and reducing the overall cost of testing.

Eliminate the test data acquisition bottleneck

Semele accelerates test data acquisition with an automated solution that simultaneously subsets, transforms and protects production data for use in testing. With Semele, testers can create referentially intact subsets of production data from large and complex environments “on-demand” with no custom code.

Protect customer data in non-production environments

Semele’s obfuscation and audit applications keep test environments free of sensitive customer information, reduce the risk of a data breach and ensure compliance with government privacy regulations. Our automated audit solution locates production data outside of production—actual data, not look-alike data.

Our Story

Semele was developed by Meridian Technologies, an award-winning technology and staffing company with over 20 years of experience solving the IT challenges of leading financial services and healthcare organizations nationwide.

Through our consulting work, we identified a common need across our client base for test data that reflects the complexity of production data, while maintaining PII/PHI security. We are problem solvers who are dedicated to providing our clients with faster and easier-to-access quality test data.

“Using Semele’s test data management solution enabled us to get a true devops process up and running very quickly. Now we have robust data for testing that gives us the complexity of production with the privacy of masking.
Andy Savage, CTO, Paymerang

The Semele Difference

Semele’s test data subsetting utility manages the complexity of sourcing quality data for testing so you don’t have to.

Subsetting complex databases is hard, requiring SQL or custom code. Semele creates referentially intact subsets of production data that are automatically generated after an easy, one-time setup.

Semele’s audit application finds the sensitive data you know is lurking in non-production environments.

Most companies have hundreds of copies of production data in their testing environments. Our innovative audit solution locates actual PII/PHI outside of production in significantly less time and cost of manual audits.

Semele’s solutions are powerful, yet easily implemented.

Don’t let the ease of setup or ease of use fool you. Our test data subsetting, obfuscation, compare, data discovery and audit solutions are designed to work within complex production environments across billions of records.