Thinking of a TDM? Calculate Your ROI.

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The adoption of Agile and DevOps is accelerating as IT teams see them as important approaches for keeping up with the relentless pace of product development and enhancement. To reap the full benefits of this approach, development and QA/testing teams are shifting testing to the left, automating more tests and automating the provisioning of test environments.  While testing has been shifting left, the provisioning of test data has not made the shift. Without an automated solution for generating quality test data, testing teams spend a tremendous amount of time on provisioning test data, test environments are over-sized to accommodate production copies and sensitive data is often used and put at risk for a breach.

Implementing a TDM solution can address the challenges in provisioning test data and ultimately result in substantive cost saving across the IT organization.  Semele’s Test Data Management platform for DevOps shifts test data provisioning left with an automated solution for on-demand test data that delivers exactly the right data for your test cases.

Calculate Your Investment in Semele’s Test Data Management Platform

Use Semele’s calculator  tool to provide the ROI on an investment in Semele’s test data management (TDM) solution along with an estimated pay-back period.  

The business benefits of adopting a TDM solution are substantial and will far outweigh the investment. Organizations that employ TDM will see greater efficiencies in testing, turn test cycles faster, use less resources and reduce testing costs from anywhere from 10% – 20%.