A new approach for DevOps


Still waiting for test data? Semele’s DevOps release shifts the provisioning of test data to the left, so it's happening while the software development is going on. That means that the data will be waiting for you, rather than you waiting for the data.

Automated Test Data Acquisition That Delivers the Competitive Edge

Accelerate Test Cycle Times

Test data is available on demand, eliminating the data acquisition bottleneck.

Improve Testing Quality

Production data has the legitimacy and complexity needed for robust testing. Semele generates referentially intact subsets of production data tagged to test cases.

Ensure Data Privacy

Production data is obfuscated to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Reduce Cost

Lowers testing costs by reducing the time and resources needed to generate test data.


Subsetting Engine and Data Preview application find the correct data for the test.

Data can be masked to reduce the risk of data leakage.

Test data is loaded to a Test Data Repository creating a Golden Copy of your test data that can be loaded to any number of Virtual Test Environments.

Test data is tagged to the application being tested and also to the test case, so only the data needed for a test is loaded.

Semele loads the test data load via a REST call so the entire testing process is automated.

"Using Semele's test data management solution enabled us to get a true devops process up and running very quickly. Now we have robust data for testing that gives us the complexity of production with the privacy of masking."

Andy Savage, CTO, Paymerang