HIPAA Data De-Identification


Semele test data subsetting enables healthcare QA & testing teams to source quality production data for testing while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Simultaneously subset and de-identify PHI using a single, automated process.

Semele transforms data to eliminate each of the 18 patient identifiers that the HIPAA Safe Harbor guidelines list as PHI, including some dedicated to special cases:

Date of Birth

Randomly changes a date of birth to maintain the same age with respect to either the extract date or some other date in the record.


Computes an age from a date of birth. Optionally allows specifying a maximum age, in which case all ages over the maximum are reported as the maximum.

Conditional Domain

Conditionally replaces specific values with other constant values, and otherwise passes the original value through. Useful for things like omitting specific diagnosis codes from a result set.

Photographic Image

Replaces images, such as diagnostic images, with anonymous test images.

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