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We are pleased to announce that the Semele Data Platform has been enhanced to include many new features to improve ease-of-use and capabilities based on client requests, summarized below.  Look for big news about a major new release, coming soon, that will significantly accelerate software development and testing velocity.

Release Details:

  • Numerous discovery enhancements to classify fields by category of sensitive information to enable automated obfuscation rules.
  • Discovery rule user interface improvements.
  • Extract improvements to improve speed and performance.
  • Several enhancements were made to the discovery reports for improved usability including:
    • The addition of metadata analysis results.
    • Manual download capabilities from the dashboard.
    • New options for sort order.
    • Inclusion of field data types and lengths.
  • Redesign of extract page to improve usability.
  • Improved Teradata support.
  • Improved transformation handling of missing data.
  • Improved scripting support for cross-database consistent masking.
  • Improved sequential file support.