ROI Calculator

Determine the impact of a TDM investment on your business.

This calculator is intended to provide the ROI on an investment in Semele’s test data management (TDM) solution along with an estimated pay-back period.  The ROI model is based upon post implementation savings and productivity gains (see assumptions below). 

First, select the number of applications that you plan to implement, up to 4. (Note that  the limit is not a limitation of the product but only for the purposes of the calculator.)

Second, provide an estimate the associated costs of development, QA, admin support (for loading/reloading test environments, etc.) as well as the costs for the test environments (including licensing and storage) for the number of apps as selected.

The calculator uses the information provided to generate the ROI.  In calculating the realized savings, Semele assumes productivity gains/cost reductions  as follows: QA(20%), Development (10%), Admin Support (10%) and Testing Environment (15%).

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