subsetting, obfuscation, data comparison, data discovery, audit


Test data on-demand accelerates cycle times reduces costs. 

Semele delivers innovative solutions to harness the power of production data for testing, with security assurances to ensure your data is protected and your lower environments remain free of regulated data.

We provide quality test data “on-demand” for Agile and DevOps development because faster test cycles yield faster time to market.


A requirements-driven rules engine creates smaller, referentially intact data subsets without the need for SQL or custom code.


Utilizes built-in and customizable transformations to anonymize production data in a way that cannot be reverse engineered.

Data Comparison

Runs expedient, automated comparisons of expected vs. actual results. It can quickly process millions of records across multiple platforms.

Data Discovery

Samples data in database tables and files against known patterns to find potentially sensitive information.


Comparison of values in the test environment to those in production to locate actual customer data, not look-alike data.

Work with Us

Partner with Semele and work with the test data experts. You may license our products or leverage the power of our technology services team to manage your test data for you.


Innovative test data acquisition and privacy solutions

We understand how frustrating it is to manage complex systems in large-scale corporate environments. Our proof of concept phase ensures you're getting what you need. We handle the complexity of getting to your test data for you. Our goal is to get you up and running very quickly and continuously improve the software over time to help you.