The Semele Difference

We handle the complexity of sourcing production data for testing.

Semele sources quality test data from complex production environments to reduce test cycle times and speed up application delivery. With 20 years of experience working in complex production and testing environments, Semele has a track record of solving data issues for major corporations worldwide. 

Our products provide comprehensive test data for businesses that need it safely and quickly. We can simultaneously subset, transform and protect sensitive data using a single automated, repeatable process. Partner with Semele and work with the test data experts.


Innovative products to find and anonymize data when it leaves your production environment


Sample data in database tables and files against known patterns to find potentially identifying and sensitive information.


Compare the data in your lower environments to your production data to see if it is real data. See how we reduced time and effort to audit client’s environment by 80%.


Apply policies to consistently obfuscate your sensitive data across all your databases, keeping all the relationships in the data intact. See how we protected a leading brokerage firm's customer data for testing.


Subset the most complex databases by just specifying the filter criteria for the data. Let Semele write the query for you to create a referentially intact subset of data. See how we dramatically reduced a client's development cycle times.


Compare data between files, tables or even entire databases to quickly find the difference between them. Check out how we enabled a client to complete testing with one analyst in weeks.


The Semele Advantage

Reduce the cost of testing with easier and faster-to-access quality test data.

See how we can accelerate your testing process.